MacArthur Versus Hooverville

You may or may not remember reading about the Hoovervilles.  Ad-hoc camps in several cities, most notable outside of the District of Columbia, put together by former servicemen who came – peacefully – to demand their back pay from World War I that the government had deferred and held hostage.  There was a depression ongoing […]

Tent City

Previously I discussed how parties currently mock and censure dissent instead of debating differences.  I posed the position that the Libertarian Party’s tent is just like the Republicans’ and Democrats’ tents:  a circus big top with too many rings. Perhaps we need a Tent City rather than one single big top.  A large tent easily […]

The Question of Political Purity

(Written in response to comments posted on Saturday night I read a comment on Third Party Watch’s sister site that made my blood boil.  Yes, my blood pressure went through the roof, but for me these days that means 114/68 and not some number others normally consider high.  I thought about a quick and […]

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