Publication/Author Rules

Last Updated on Sunday October 15, 2023 12:06pm EDT

Publication Timing

Publication of commentary submitted to other sites for publication will only be approved once the article has been “live” on the other site for a minimum of 72 hours. When it is published externally, the initial article will appear with the site reference under the category “coming soon”. The publication date will be listed as the original publication date.

Reader Comments

We do not permit reader comments. The intent of this site is to act as a form of library reference. As such, articles are published and identified based on where and when they originally appeared. Many of those sites permit user comments, and we encourage you to comment and interact on their sites if you either agree or disagree with the opinions of our authors.

Publication Rejection

If an outside site declines publication, our editorial board reserves the right to decline here as well if their reasons are based on suspected plagiarism, violation of copyright, or content deemed inappropriate for other legal reasons. If the rejection is based solely on content/issues requirements of the other site, we may elect to publish it for the author.

Author Acceptance

New authors will be accepted at the discretion of the editorial board. Authors must be previously published and have no other “personal” archive online to be accepted. Author bios may include links to methods of donating funds to support their writing. Authors must provide their own methods of accepting contributions.


Since the intent of this site is content, not fluff, we reserve the right to not include images. The sole exception of this is the determination by the editorial board that the article in question requires use of an image for the reader to understand the intent of the author. Any such image must be provided by the author, who guarantees they have the right to publish or republish it as the case may be.

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