Last Updated on Thursday October 19, 2023 04:13pm EDT

Our authors are published on several original news/commentary sites. At present, that list includes:

Third Party Watch (also called 3PW by some), originated in 2005 as a site to track internal party politics of “Minor” parties, such as the Green, Libertarian, and Constitution parties. These days, most of the content is written by political activists within (or sometimes outside) the minor party arena. It sometimes tends to be more heavy with Green and Libertarian commentary, but is open to anything EXCEPT the two “major” parties’ commentary.

Publication times on Third Party Watch prior to October 18, 2023 may not match our publication times exactly due to Eastern Time/UTC (commonly called Greenwitch Mean Time) conversions.  We publish based on the current time in Charleston SC.

Independent Political Report (also called IPR by some), originated in 2008 and operated for years under various owners, with the intent of becoming a major source of — again — non-major party news. It is currently run by a non-profit founation setup to promote independent political reporting. It does tend to be very leavy with internal Libertarian Party squabbles, but is a great source of information about other parties as well.

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