A case for a new Classical Liberal Party

Last Updated on Sunday November 12, 2023 12:50pm EST

This series began near the end of May 2023, when I felt the need to start writing about how I felt the Libertarian Party had failed, and a new Classical Liberal party – not the same as the current libertarian party – was needed.

The series stalled in early July, with The Hunt for Red October having being written in July, but not actually sent for publication until October, after Leave the Party, take the Canolli.

WordPress seems to like to put unrelated links as next, and previous at the bottom of each article (they like the term post, which reminds me of breakfast cereal), so until I figure that out and get it to go in the correct order, I recommend reading based on the order of the articles on this page.

May 2023

Is “retaking” the LP really the best solution?

Forming a New Party

The Question of Political Purity

Tent City

June 2023

MacArthur Versus Hooverville

How the West was Lost

Robert’s, the Political Weapon of Mass Destruction

October 2023

Leave the Party, take the Cannoli

The Hunt for Red October

The series will continue with Deliverance, currently being written.


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